• Call for Submissions to New Sections of the Journal of Data Science

    March 1, 2020

    To better serve the fast developing field of data science, we are opening new sections of the Journal of Data Science. The new sections are devised to help elaborate the aims and scope of the journal, that is, to publish research works on a wide range of topics that involving understanding and making effective use of field data. They also reflect the widely accepted three pillars of data science: statistics, computer science, and domain knowledge.

    1. Computing in Data Science. This section welcomes articles on methods, algorithms, software, and other aspects of data science computing. Method articles (e.g., large scale computing, distributed computing, etc.) need to be motivated by a domain application with the properties carefully studied. Algorithm articles focus on the performance side of the computing needs arising from domain applications. Software articles are vignets for software packages in any environment (e.g., S/R, Python, Julia, C/C++, etc.).

    2. Data Science in Action. Articles here present detailed case studies of data science or big data applications. The data and the computing code should be make available such that any interested reader can reproduce everything in the article from the data and the code. The problems can come from any research domain that involves data science and computing, including science, technology, engineering, medicine, health, social science, humanities, arts, sports, among others.

    3. Tutorials on Data Science Techniques. Tutorial articles on latest data science techniques are of interest to readers who want to get into a new field or pick up new skills. Illustrations within the tutorials are reproducible with code chunks in the articles or in online supplementary materials.

    4. Education in Data Science. Education in data science is ever-evolving along with new methodologies, technologies, and application fields. This section provides an outlet for discussion on curriculum of data science and tools in teaching data science.

    We seek orignal manuscripts for these new sections in addition to those that have been traditionally published. Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome. Please contact the editor-elect Dr. Jun Yan at

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